Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions for What Happened to Frank?

1.  What was your initial reaction to the book? How would you rate your enjoyment of the book?

2.  What feelings did the book evoke in you?

3.  What was your favourite passage and why did this stand out for you?

4.  Was the setting important to the book? How interested were you in the descriptions of the racetrack and of the farm?

5.  What themes did  you detect in the story?

6.  How did Meg change throughout the book?

7.  How significant to the story is Meg's relationship to the animals in her life?

8.  How did your opinion of Tom change?

9.  Can you describe Frank's character? And the nature of his relationship with Meg?

10. Did the book change your opinion about anything: horse-racing, for example?

11. Did Brad seem believable? What drove him to do what he did?

12. How did Meg's abuse by her stepfather affect her?

13. Do you think Meg will be happy with Chuck?

14. How satisfied were you with the ending? What would you change?

15. How does this book compare to others you've read in the cozy mystery genre?

16. Did you come away from this book wanting to read more by Vicky Earle?

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