Wednesday, 25 January 2017

"What Happened to Frank?" is now available free on Wattpad

Check it out at What Happened to Frank - on wattpad
I have posted three chapters so far. If you become a follower, you'll be notified when each new chapter is added.
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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sequel to "What Happened to Frank?"

Are you waiting for the sequel to "What Happened to Frank?"? I'm working on it!
I have almost finished the first (rough) draft and am looking forward to the (long) editing process.
As I write, I continue to be encouraged by my "fans". It means so much to have your support - THANK YOU!
Here's one of the reviews of WHTF (on which has helped motivate me to keep writing:
Thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot and multiple subplots certainly keep you guessing along with the characters - hard to put it down even when my eyes were telling me to sleep.
Concurrently, I've been active as a member of Uxbridge Writers' Circle - click on SHORT STORIES and MICRO STORIES in the heading above - hope you enjoy them!