Wednesday, 26 October 2016

New! Micro Story

During our Uxbridge Writers' Circle meetings, we select a photo or card and write whatever story comes to mind. We are limited to ten minutes of writing, so they are very short stories, and are not edited! I will be sharing some of these on my blog.
The prompt for this story was "When I Wake":

When I wake, things will be different. They have to be. Everything I've done so far has led to failure and loss.
It all started when I dropped out of university to join the army. It was fun at first. I was good at the physical stuff, wasn't so good at following stupid orders, but managed to play the game. I made some friends, some good friends, got strong and fit, and felt good about myself.
Then we were sent to Afghanistan. I'd never been out of Canada before, so it was a big shock. All that desert and heat, and blowing sand which stung your face.
I started to slip when I saw two of my friends, fellow soldiers, blown up into pieces in front of my armoured vehicle. I fell apart too, although my broken pieces weren't visible. I tried to glue myself together, but it got worse when we found children's lifeless bodies strewn in a village which had been bombed. That was it.
I don't remember much more until I came home and was discharged from the army. I went to see some therapist but I didn't need help, did I? It went downhill from there.
But when I wake up from this heart operation, I'm going to get help. I'm going to be strong enough to ask and I'm going to be fit enough to get myself back on track so I can be the father I need to be to my baby son.
Vicky Earle

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Three New Short Short Stories!

Check out the Uxbridge Writers' Circle page (click on header above) to read three new short short stories. These stories include words that had been selected by the members of the Writers' Circle - the words are shown in italics. Have fun and see what stories you can create using those words as prompts for ideas!
I've also added videos of the two races which Lions Bay has won this year - click on "Recent Wins at Woodbine Racetrack" above. They are both exciting wins!
Soon to come on my blog: micro-stories!